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Clubbercise Classes
Easy-to-follow dance fitness routines to club anthems with glow sticks!

Clubbercise classes in Buxton

Clubbercise is taught by Sue and has easy-to-follow dance fitness routines to epic club anthems from the 90’s to today with glow sticks! Not just trance, there’s the cheesy stuff too, as well as the ones that make you shout: “TUUUUUUNE!!” 

Don’t worry about being coordinated or not, just enjoy the music, keep moving and you’ll soon pick it up! Classes are set in a darkened room with UV and disco lights anyway so there is no need to feel self conscious.

An awesome atmosphere, with a great cardio, toning and combat workout! You’ll need the Clubbercise branded glowsticks, they are just £6 a pair! These are available to purchase on the door (cash or contactless payment). Yours to keep and with replaceable batteries, so you can keep them glowing! 

Class location

Monday: 18:00 – 19:00
Wednesday: 19:30 – 20:30

Buxton Community School

Classes are held in the Sports Centre via the Temple Road entrance. Plenty of parking in the car park or road side. On entering we are in the hall on the left hand side. Toilets and changing rooms are available.

Schedule and booking

Please book your session or 5 class bundle using our booking portal below. If you’ve not been to any of our classes before or for over 12 months then you’ll need to complete a health questionnaire. This can be done through the following link or through the prompt within the booking app Gymcatch.

Contact us if you have any questions.

Single sessions

£ 7
Per session
  • Best for busy lifestyles

5 class bundle

£ 6
Per session
  • Save money & stay fit

Monthly dance

£ 6
Per session
  • Best for regulars

Class Tips!

  • If it’s your first class, then aim to be about 10 minutes early so that you have plenty of time to find us and
  • There is parking on both sites, with room road side too.
  • There are toilets at both sites.
  • There are changing rooms at Buxton Community School, so if you’re coming to class straight from work, feel free to use them.
  • Stay hydrated. Not just at class, but throughout the day. Perhaps bring extra water or an electrolyte drink if it’s hot.
  • Wear breathable clothes. Shorts and sports bras are totally acceptable, as are leggings and a breezy top or t shirt. If it’s cold feel free to wear layers that are easily removed once you’re warmed up. Make sure your feet and body are supported well with sporty type trainers (not flat pumps)
  • When you first start, all the new tunes and choreo can feel a bit head scrambly. Just go with it. Use us like a mirror to copy. Focus on the what the legs are doing, then add in the arms and when you’ve got that, then add any swagger you like! Tunes are kept in a while so you can pick them up easily and then put all the effort in. Often when you don’t know the choreo, it will feel like you’ve not exercised hard enough. Heck does that change when you know the moves!
  • There is no need to bring a method of payment to class as you’ve booked through the booking system Gymcatch. Unless you want the cool branded Clubbercise glowsticks that are £6 a pair and yours to keep (cash or contactless payment accepted).
  • There is no need to put ALL the effort into the class. You are always welcome to keep all the low level options throughout.
  • If you want to put all the effort into class: get lower in the body by bending your knees, keep the core and arms strong (no noodly arms) at all times and if you know the higher impact levels feel free to go with them from the start of the track. Did you know you can burn up to 600 calories per class? You gotta put the effort in!
  • Classes are for all types of people. All ages, genders, sexualities, races and abilities.
  • ..Saying that, you must be at least 14 years old to join a Clubbercise class and 16 years to join a Zumba class. You must also be physically fit enough to take part in a fitness class. Please fill in the health questionnaire, and if you answer any of the health questions with a ‘no’ or you are unsure, you must get the ok from your GP before attending a class.

Kind words from our accidental tribe!

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