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Here at Accidental Fitness, we know that it’s not just the awesome classes themselves that keep you coming, but the people around you. The people you laugh with when you’re wobbling in a balance in yoga… the people that you make ‘that face’ at when we throw a tricky move in a dance fitness class… Those lovely smiley faces at classes that slowly become friends for life. Being connected to those around you is so important in this busy world and that’s why we like to celebrate it and make the most of our time together. So check out this list and gallery below of a few shenanigans we’ve been up to already!

  • Accidental Yogi Trail
  • Accidental Picnic
  • Blythe House Jingle Bell Jog
  • Cricket Ground Firework Spectacular
  • Gin tasting
  • Fundraising events
  • Buxton Spring Fair
  • Themed classes and prizes

We have a Whatsapp group for all our Accidental Yogis and Accidental Dance Fitness folk! This is where class news reaches first, opinions are sought after, Zumba choreo clips feature, and simple chat, encouragement and loveliness occur. If you want to be added then please let me know. (Please be aware that your mobile number will be accessible to other members on the group. Only people that have been to classes are allowed on to the groups).

You can also expect regular (no more than monthly) emails from me, keeping you in the loop of all things Accidental Fitness, from socials to special classes or workshops or class cancellations. You do need to be opted into this to receive these emails.

We are also on social media! So ‘check in’ or tag us at classes. I love seeing pics of you enjoying yourself, reaching fitness goals or a post class pic!

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