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Frequently Asked Questions

For all classes:

The term ‘Accidental Fitness’ was originally used in the dance fitness classes I took over teaching back in 2019. We wanted to continue to express how the exercise wasn’t really noticed because of the fun we were having! Exercise in disguise! I wanted to continue this both in Dance Fitness and bring it in to Yoga as well. People often imagine a dance fitness class consisting of perfect people all completely in sync and this is simply not the case! Our bodies are all different so move differently, plus some people want the burn, others just enjoy bopping to the tunes- there is no right way. Yoga is often seen as serious, quiet and that you have to look a certain way. I want you to enjoy it! As long as you are doing it safely and seeing the benefits from it then that’s good enough for me.

Gymcatch is the booking system we use. It means that you can book, pay, cancel and see all the info about classes in one place. It makes things run much smoother and quicker than handling cash and a register on the door.

Yes we do! We do separate themed vouchers for yoga and dance fitness, although can combine class vouchers. If you’re buying them for someone, please consider what classes they would use them for and the amount you’d like to spend. Yoga classes are £8 and dance fitness classes are £7, so please buy in increments of these.

Yes, you need to book on to classes. You do this through Gymcatch. Download the app, go to the website or click on the ‘Book’ tab at the top of this page. Make sure you have the right fitness classes: we are ‘Accidental Fitness’. 

Just pop onto the class in question on Gymcatch and where it had said ‘Book’, it will now say ‘Cancel’ so just click that to cancel. Please note that there is a 6 hour cancellation policy. This means that if you cancel with at least 6 hours notice of class, you will get a class credit to use again. If it’s within that 6 hour window then you won’t. You are welcome to book on very last minute if life is a bit unpredictable for your class attendance. 

The general rule of thumb for exercise and pregnancy is that if you were doing the exercise before, you can continue into pregnancy. However, it is recommended to check with your doctor or midwife first. If you are wanting to come to classes whilst pregnant, then certain adaptations would need to be made so that you exercise safely. For dance fitness, always choosing the lower impact options in tracks- lower arms, not squatting too low, no jumps etc. For yoga, I would really recommend a pregnancy specific class, as you will get much more benefit that way, however if you still want to come to my class, see the Yoga FAQ section below and find the ‘I’m pregnant, can I do yoga? question and information sheet contained within.

Clubbercise can be taught to school children, I just make it more about current tunes than 90’s stuff and the choreo is tweaked for their age group. Unfortunately, we aren’t insured for Zumba or Yoga for children under 16 so we would not be able to offer these, however we would be able to do these for college age students. If your workplace is looking to improve the wellbeing of their staff then yoga can be a great addition. This can be done online or in person, either specifically for your work place or we can offer discount schemes for your staff to attend classes. Get in touch if you want more information about this. 

For yoga:

That’s a question with many an answer! The short answer is that Yoga is based on an ancient philosophy. What we know today as the yoga postures (or ‘asanas’) was a way to keep the body in check so it was comfortable for sitting still for meditation. Today yoga classes take many different forms. So if you’ve tried a yoga class somewhere before, it’s likely another class will be completely different! (see the answer to the question ‘What type of yoga do you teach?’. Generally most yoga classes work on strength and flexibility and the breath.

Hatha yoga is a type of yoga that focuses on the individual poses or ‘asanas’ as well as breath work to bring many benefits to body and mind. Aimed at the beginner and improver, but options given to take it to a higher level too. Expect to work on your strength including your core, posture, flexibility, and balance, with time for relaxation at the end.

This is very different from a ‘traditional’ yoga class. The class is floor based, where you will support your body with cushions/blocks etc for around 3-5 minutes in each pose so that the muscles can relax and the connective tissue can find space.

A few Yin yoga benefits:

– Lengthens connective tissue- space is created so you become more flexible and undo bad postures where your fascia has become stuck.

– Improves hydration and circulation in the body tissues.

– Creates space at joints- reducing friction and therefore pain.

– Mental health benefits – promotes relaxation and builds patience and tolerance.

Equipment needed:

– Ideally- A yoga bolster cushion, yoga blocks and bricks, a blanket or two and yoga mat.

– Without fancy yoga equipment- A few bed pillows, cushions, and blankets.

– Warm clothes- As we are still for a long time the body will become cooler so ensure you wear a few layers.

Absolutely not. Newbies to yoga are encouraged. My classes are aimed at beginners up to intermediates, so I make sure to explain and show everything clearly. I’m not going to expect you to crack out a headstand!

People need to be 16 or over to attend. 

Not quite- although sometimes accidentally. At the end of many yoga classes it is common to go into Shavasana or ‘Corpse pose’. This is a posture where we lie down on our backs, and it’s a perfect blend of relaxation and meditation. Sometimes relaxation tips the balance into sleep, but don’t worry- we’ve all snoozed in shavasana before. It’s obviously what your body needs at the time. 

Whatever is comfortable that you can move freely in. Generally leggings/joggers and a top. Be aware that in some postures your top can easily ride upwards so if you’re self conscious of showing your belly, wear something you can tuck into your leggings. Make sure to bring warm clothes or a blanket for the Shavasana at the end. 

There are toilets with enough space to change in. 

Yes, for both grip and padding. I no longer lend out yoga mats since the pandemic, but I can recommend a couple of yoga mats depending on budget so feel free drop me a message. If you’ve not done a yoga class before, see how you find just a mat. Then as you learn to love your yoga, you’ll learn where a yoga block or brick might come in handy. Feel free to ask me at class or message for what might be good for you. I recommend the website Ekotex yoga for getting any extra equipment you might want. If you use the code ‘ACCIDENTAL10’ at checkout then you’ll get 10% off your order too! 

I have little cards that you place in front of your mats so I know whether or not you are happy with a physical adjustment. It is a personal choice and not everyone wants a physical touch. In my own practice I prefer but only sometimes! It can be really useful. It’s all too easy to hunch shoulders or have a knee wobbling about where it shouldn’t be, so a gentle guide is often helpful. I will never wrench you into a position and will always check what I’m doing is ok. However, I can also guide with what I am saying and how I am showing you if you prefer.

Ideally don’t. At least nothing heavy for a couple of hours. With all the movement and also the fact that you are relaxing within the class, your digestive system will be quite active with or without food already.

Everyone! You can do yoga sat in a chair and chairs are available. Both men and women welcome. Men often shy away from yoga but there’s no need to. Women are naturally more flexible, but men are naturally stronger. 

If you are pregnant or planning to start a family, see the ‘I’m pregnant, can I do yoga?’ question below for information on pregnancy in yoga.

You should check with your doctor before every new fitness class you do. However, certain niggles can be worked around by altering the posture to accommodate. Certain niggles are improved by Yoga. If anything hurts whilst doing yoga, just stop doing that pose and ask me. Yoga should feel good, tiring sometimes, but not painful. Yoga is brilliant for your mental wellbeing as well as physical health too. 

I do. If you have a specific goal in mind, then I can come to your home and teach one-on-one. If you think your workplace could do with using their wellbeing budget and the team is in need of Yoga then get in touch. 

Pregnant ladies are advised to only practice after 14 weeks and only for as long as you are comfortable. I may have to give you modifications or alternate poses to do. After birth, you can come to Yoga after 6 weeks, although this depends on how you delivered so check with your doctor. I know a good pregnancy and post partum yoga teacher if you would like that more specific class. Yin yoga is not suitable for pregnant folk and those that are postpartum/ breast feeding.

If you are a well practiced yogi, then see the handout for how to handle your yoga practice whilst pregnant. If you have never done yoga then you are best waiting until you have had your baby.

For Clubbercise & Zumba

Not at all! I remember the nervous feeling of my first Clubbercise class as a participant. Expect to feel a little uncoordinated and find that the level of exercise might surprise you! Too low can be because you don’t know the moves yet and too high can be because your body simply isn’t used to the exercise. Keep going and you’ll get there. Just go with an open mind and simply enjoy the tunes and move! You don’t have to get the moves right from the off and us instructors will often fluff up the choreo ourselves! It’s about finding that fun with fitness, not perfection. Make sure to fill in the health questionnaire to help you identify if you are fit and able enough for a class too. 

Whatever is comfortable that you can move freely in. Generally leggings/joggers and a top. A sports bra if needed too. Ensure that whatever you wear will keep you cool during class, but also a hoody to keep you warm before and after class. Good trainers that can support high impact too that aren’t too grippy so that you can pivot a little. If you get really in to classes, both Clubbercise and Zumba are international brands with their own online shops for all your clothing and accessorising needs. 

There are changing rooms at Buxton Community School and just enough space to get changed in the toilets at Burbage Primary School. 

You can buy these directly at class. Just bring physical cash or contactless payment. The glow sticks are £6 a pair and yours to keep. 

Your glow stick batteries will run out at some point. Replace them with the LR44 button batteries (good quality ones). We sell some good quality ones on the door – 6 for £2 (which is enough to replace all batteries in both sticks).

Sometimes the impact of the class or knocking the sticks together accidentally disrupts the batteries. Just give them a good knock again and they should come back. If you’re having problems, then come and ask for a replacement. The batteries will run out eventually- you’ll need 3x LR44 round batteries to replace each stick. Top tip! When you first get the glow sticks, keep the little white tabs that were there and replace when not in use. This will stop your sticks going off in your pocket/bag/car etc. 

As long as when you fill the health questionnaire, you answer no to all the questions or have a GP ok you to do exercise then you will be fine. You may need to choose the lower impact moves. These are generally shown at the start of a track and you are welcome to carry them throughout. Instead of jumps just to a pretend one with the toes still on the floor, don’t go as low down with any squats etc. Just do what feels right for you and your body. 

Absolutely! You can burn up to 600 calories per class and do up to 6000 steps! If you want to work harder, make everything strong. Connect to your core (belly button to spine), hold the arms strong and get low in the body and even lower for any squats. Feel the purpose in each move, don’t waft- STOMP! Don’t have noodly arms but PUNCH IT!

For Clubbercise participants can be 13 years and up, but for Zumba participants need to be 16 and over. Please note that some song lyrics are ‘colourful’ in the words they use (but no worse than what’s on the radio already!) 

We are a warm and welcoming pair of fitness instructors, providing a range of different classes to suit all abilities. We encourage you to get in touch if you have any other questions.

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